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Hello Again…

A month ago today, I was in Vancouver, and I was surrounded by not only a gorgeous setting and a beautiful and loving newlywed couple, but I also was celebrating my birthday during the final weekend of summer, opening cards and gifts from far off lands like Australia and France.

The beautiful oranges, yellows, and reds that I admired on the August crop of fuzzy peaches at the market have absconded with the humidity.  Still, these colors persist–painting themselves on the trees’ leaves, slowly changing the dulling greenery to lively yellows, burnt oranges, and deep reds.  Autumn is creeping over Washington, and I am happy to see her again.  She’s crisp yet cozy, and there is a familiarity to her that I can’t explain. 

This change in season has been something that I have been consumed by –spending two weekends in Virginia and one weekend in New York outside the city, away from the noise.  It has inspired me to step away from technology, surrounding myself with friends and family, eating apple cider donuts, carving pumpkins, picking apples, and embracing all things that are synonymous with fall.

These activities have been taken on with vigor, and I owe friends and family alike the greatest of thank you notes.

I was able to laugh with my closest friends and drink red wine and think of when we all first met back in France as young college freshmen.  Together, the four of us celebrated Lauren’s engagement with champagne and raspberries.  (I have a cute engagement card, which I bought at this store in Vancouver, and I cannot wait to send it to the bride-to-be.)

I picked apples with my sister and enjoyed coffee and warm almond croissants at Dolcezza on a sunny, cool Saturday morning in D.C.

I feel lucky this season is here, and I look forward to the autumnal weekends ahead with a family wedding and a visit from a dear, French friend.



P.S.  I will miss my summer sunflowers.


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