Pick up a pen. Buy a stamp. Send a letter.

Well, hello!

Mailbox – Eastern Market D.C.

It is a snowy day in D.C., and I am posted up in my cozy apartment.  Today has been spent returning to my adoration of letter writing, and it feels so good!  I also couldn’t help but think about my space–here–on DearWorld, so I thought I would return, say a quick hello, and hopefully, I intend to stay with more frequent updates in the months to come.

Recently, my mailbox has been blessed with a few cards from France, and just today, I was left with a gracious thank-you note on my footstool with a darling gift, from a dear friend, who stayed with me in D.C. over the weekend.  Our own friendship, our shared stories, heartaches, and life updates can be tracked through our endless emails and letters that have bounced back and forth between Scotland, the U.S., France, and England.  This correspondence and friendship has meant so much to me, and upon reading her thank-you note, I have one that is written and bound for a stamp from the Post Office this afternoon.

“I’ll write to you a super-long letter, like in an old-fashioned novel.”

-Haruki Murakami, After Dark

Thanks for reading!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day; I hope the luck o’ the Irish is with you today!


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