Pick up a pen. Buy a stamp. Send a letter.

Letter to the World


Dear Reader,

I am so happy that you’ve stopped by! For a little glimpse into who I am, my name is Whitney. I am the blogger of DearWorld as well as the dedicated writer of the many letters featured on this blog.

This love for letter writing is lovingly credited to my mom’s teachings on how to be a polite, young lady. Thank-you notes have forever been imperative in our household. For every Christmas present, birthday gift, and most importantly, for any kind gesture that came our way, a thank you letter was written, addressed, and sent promptly.

My mom has embodied this passion herself, and my earliest memories of letters were found in my lunch box written on colorful napkins or fun holiday cards. Everyday was considered an occasion—why not write a letter? She currently works at a stationery shop—an expert with her creative eye and personal touches, and my mailbox continues to be graced by her lovely cards.

Family and friends are the most important part of my daily life. My sister is my best friend and my greatest inspiration. We are each others’ touchstones as well as memory keepers. As for my friends, I am fortunate enough to have loved ones scattered across the globe. I have traveled quite a bit and have come to find many international friends that are equally as important to my childhood friends back at home in Chicago.

To shed a bit of light on my time abroad, France (most particularly the cities of Paris and Périgueux) is my greatest love, and there is seldom a day that passes that I am not reminded of what this intoxicating country and its’ endearing people have taught me. I have gotten to know myself best in Paris, and many of my strongest friendships blossomed in this enchanting ville. You will see that countless letters are sent par avion back to France. (I often wish I could slip into the envelope myself!)

I feel blessed to have such special, talented, and inspiring people in my life, and I love writing with an old-fashion pen and paper to keep in touch and share my gratitude for them. Whether near or far, we are all just a letter away…




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