Pick up a pen. Buy a stamp. Send a letter.

Letter-y Allusions

You all remember English class and literary allusions, right? Those references to classic, canonical texts? While I have taught English and spent several class periods going over the definition of literary allusions along with many additional literary devices, I have a new spin—letter-y allusions.

Letter-y allusions are found so often within my everyday. Whether I am reading, watching a movie, or finding an old letter, the importance of letters are everywhere, and I have since recognized how essential letter writing has been throughout history. It has enabled us to better understand so many key historical figures’ professional and private lives. Not to mention our own family members’ pasts—I loved looking through old letters in my grandmother’s scrapbook that she and my grandfather had written while he was overseas during World War II. Letter-y allusions will be an informative reminder of how letters have and will continue to play a role in our lives, shaping our personal histories and marking moments in our relationships with loved ones.


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